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Japanese Beetle

The Japanese Beetle is a very damaging insect to turf and landscape plants. Recently there have been more beetles along the Front Range that are causing a lot of damage. Adults and larvae can cause damage to landscape but the types of damage are different.

Adult beetles cause very obvious damage and are usually more of a concern. The adult beetles eat leaves, buds, and flowers of many plants. Rose flowers are more prone to damage. The larvae eat the roots of grasses which makes it harder for the grass to get water.

There are a few ways to treat Japanese Beetles. Traps are available as well as individually picking the beetles off the plants. Another effective way to treat for the beetles is to spray insecticides.

According to the article ‘Japanese Beetle’ by W. Cranshaw, “…control of Japanese beetle larvae in a yard will have very little, if any, effect on the number of Japanese beetle adults feeding on trees, shrubs, and garden plants‘. It is important to treat for both larvae and adult beetles.

Source: Cranshaw, W. “Japanese Beetle”

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