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Memorial & Honorarium Program

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Cherry Creek Vista Parks and Recreation District Board Announces Memorial & Honorarium Program. Would you like to purchase and place a plaque on a new boulder, tree, or bench in a District Park in honor or memory of a loved one?  
Please note: Prices are subject to change!

Memorial Program

​​Trees, Boulders, Benches and Plaques at any Park within the District:
Orchard Park
Lakeview Park
Peakview Park
Sunset Park
Prairie Vista Park (formerly Windemere)
Sunrise Park (formerly Cherry Creek Vista II) ​​
River or Granite Boulder (Plaque not included):
½ ton (1.5’x1.5’x1’)$350.00
¾ ton (2’x2’x1’)$400.00
1) 6’ Austrian Pine or Blue Spruce$805.00
2) 2” Linden, ‘Redmond’$904.00
3) 2” Elm, ‘Triumph’$904.00
4) 2” Hackberry, ‘Chicagoland Western’$904.00
5) 2” Crabapple, ‘Spring Snow’$834.00
6) 2” Kentucky Coffeetree (seedless)$927.00
7) 2” Catalpa, Western$834.00
8) 2” Oak, ‘Shummard’$904.00
9) 2” Pear, ‘Chanticleer’$857.00
10) 2’’ Lilac, ‘Ivory Silk Japanese’$904.00
11) 2” Goldenrain Tree$927.00
12) 2” Maple, ‘Tartarian Hot Wings’$857.00
Green Metal Park Bench73”x26”x34”275lb., steel, powder coated
Plaques (Designs Vary)
Bronze$600.00/square foot
Aluminum$425.00/square foot
District will pay installation and shipping cost for trees, boulders, plaques, benches.

Please contact the District Manager for current pricing or questions:, 303-482-1002

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