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Memorial &



​Memorial Program Pricing

Trees, Boulders, Benches and Plaques at any Park within the District:
Orchard Park
Lakeview Park
Peakview Park
Sunset Park
Prairie Vista Park (formerly Windemere)
Sunrise Park (formerly Cherry Creek Vista II) ​​

River or Granite Boulder (Plaque not included):

½ ton (1.5’x1.5’x1’) * $325.00

¾ ton (2’x2’x1’) * $375.00

Trees (Installation price included):

6’ Austrian Pine or Blue Spruce 

2” Linden—“Redmond” 
2” Elm—“Triumph” 
2” Hackberry—“Chicagoland Western” 
2” Crabapple—“Spring Snow” 
2” Kentucky Coffeetree—Seedless 
2” Oak—“Shummard” 
2” Catalpa, “Western” 
2” Pear—“Chanticleer” 

25 gallon Lilac, “Ivory Silk Japanese”

2″ Goldenrain Tree 

2″ Maple, “Tartarian Hot Wings” 

Green Metal Park Bench
73”x26”x34”, 275lb., steel, powder coated 

Plaques (Designs Vary)
Bronze * $600.00/square foot
Aluminum * $425.00/square foot


District will pay installation and shipping cost for trees, boulders, plaques, benches.

Please contact the District Manager with questions:, 303-482-1002

PO Box 359, Littleton, CO 80160 

Cherry Creek Vista Parks and Recreation District Board Announces Memorial & Honorarium Program. Would you like to purchase and place a plaque on a new boulder, tree, or bench in a District Park in honor or memory of a loved one?

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