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Orchard Pool is located at 11350 E Orchard Road, Englewood CO 80111

Update! The Board has selected Essenza Architecture to lead the Pool Facility Master Plan and develop the Community Room Design.




The District’s Board is very disappointed and sad to report that the new pool facility will not be opening this summer.


Though the pool facility is substantially complete, safe and ready to open, the District has encountered an insurmountable dispute at this time over the five (5) original pool deck lighting poles, which are considered to be a life safety requirement.


At this time, the Arapahoe County Building Department will not accept the District’s proposals to achieve temporary occupancy. Among these proposals are: installing temporary lighting, reducing operational hours to “daylight-only,” or allowing the current poles to be used through this season.


Replacement poles are not immediately available, with an 8 week order horizon, and at a substantial cost estimated over $25,000.


These light poles and fixtures were original fixtures, approved by the County when the pool was installed and have safely served the District for many years. The District’s construction and design team have inspected the poles as safe structures, but photo records are not being accepted at this time, and therefore a building review process request will be pursued by the District.


Questions related to the poles’ foundational safety and lighting fixtures were brought to the District’s attention in late May and June, and have been addressed to the fullest extent possible as quickly as possible, as described.


The District will continue to pursue a safe outcome to ensure adequate lighting coverage and pole installation when the pool is able to open in 2023 for a full season.

We are very grateful for all the support from everyone throughout this process, and we thank you for putting your trust in us to make the right decisions along the way. The Board has been diligent in its duty to make this project as efficient, safe and thoughtful as possible, and thanks you all for your input and trust in funding this important project, which will have lasting benefits for many years!


For those community members who would like to reach out to members of Arapahoe County, please communicate via their outreach pages to your elected official’s (Board of County Commissioners),  appropriate department (Building), or administrative phone numbers provided on their website:



Please note that we are continuing to work with County Staff and departments on these projects and in future projects. Your respectful communications are valued.


Thank you all for your participation, cooperation, and flexibility!

Cherry Creek Vista Park and Recreation District



All season membership registrations will remain closed. Further communication will be released when the community center building is ready to open and available for rental use.

To review the full board membership communication CLICK HERE! 

Refund Policy

A full refund will be made to anyone who had registered for the pool thus far.

Requests for refund is NOT necessary. Note that any requests regarding swim team matters must be made directly to the Vikings Swim team.


Moving forward, all season membership registration will be closed for the time-being, until a date for opening is better understood.


Membership sign-up will be re-opened after the Board has met to further assess delayed start. At its Regular June 16 meeting, the Board plans to discuss appropriate rates for this Summer. If it is determined that a Special meeting is needed before this time, a meeting may be scheduled.


For those who choose to join the Vikings Swim Team this season, pool membership (family or individual), is requested when registration re-opens, as the District is contributing funds to the swim team for their regular budget and practice/meet rentals at other facilities.


Anyone who has already reached out will be contacted directly next week if there are questions beyond refunding of memberships, and need not reach out again regarding refund requests. The best method of contact for inquiries is via email: info@ccrider.us.


Thank you all for your participation, cooperation, and flexibility!

Cherry Creek Vista Park and Recreation District

Pool Hours


Rules and


Swim Lessons

Swim lessons are available via CivicRec. 

Swim Team

To sign up for the Vikings Swim League, you must be a member of the pool. Click here to register for the team.